Find & book a dental appointment

To quickly find a dentist in your area and book an appointment live OR simply to find the nearest NHS dentist just type your post code in here and we will do the work for you!

talkhealth is very pleased to offer you this service in collaboration with the UK’s first live booking platform for booking dental appointments. Through integrating with the largest software provider for dentists, the system shows real-time availability of dental appointments for participating NHS and private dentists across the UK.

The United Kingdom is known for poor oral health, and recent studies show that 1 in 3 Brits have not been to the dentist in the last two years. Recently it was revealed that tooth decay is the third most common reasons why children are admitted to emergency rooms. Increasingly, poor oral health has been linked to serious health conditions such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

The NHS offer a range of treatments aimed at stabilising oral health, priced at three different levels depending on the complexity of the treatment. Some groups are eligible for free NHS dental treatments; please see this infographic to find out more. There are also have a multitude of private dentists in the UK, who provide the same treatments and additional cosmetic dentistry as well. Finding a dentist should therefore be easy, however many people are put off by one or more of the following:

  • Lack of information on prices
  • Lack of information on availability of appointments
  • Lack of information on the quality of the dentists considered
  • Perceived lack of available NHS appointments

Toothpick addresses these concerns as follows:

  • All dentists are required to publish prices on the platform
  • Dentist calendars are updated live every minute, to show up to date appointment availability
  • Reviews and ratings on dentists from both Toothpick and independent review sites are displayed and added daily
  • Availability for NHS and private dentists is available across all locations, to increase transparency. Often this reveals thousands of available NHS appointments

Toothpick is also launching a payment gateway that will allow pre-payment for dental hygienist treatments. The platform also recently announced that Nectar Local points can be collected when booking through the platform.



How can I book a dentist appointment?

  • Book via your desktop computer or tablet either here at talkhealth or at
  • A mobile application will be released in 2014

How do I know the appointment is confirmed and the dentist has been informed?

  • The appointment, when booked, is automatically entered directly into the dentist calendar
  • You will receive an email, after going through some verification steps on the website, that confirms your booking
  • If you have any questions after making the booking call the dentist directly or email toothpick

How important is it that I go the dentist?

  • Poor oral health has implications beyond your teeth. If your mouth is in a poor state, it can contribute to serious illnesses such as heart disease and dementia
  • If you are a woman looking to have a baby, having poor oral health will directly affect your baby
  • Having good teeth has also repeatedly been shown to have positive social effects in your career, your relationships and your overall self-esteem
  • Tackling oral health problems early can also mean you save money over time, before problems escalate

Why book through Toothpick?

  • Over 500,000 people have booked their dentist appointment through Toothpick in the last 9 months. 500 dentists join every month
  • Reviews, profile information on dentists, and price comparisons allow you to find the best dentist in your area, and for your budget
  • Bookings can be made at any time, wherever you are on a desktop, mobile and tablet. Currently half of all bookings are made outside of the dentist practice opening hours, and half of all bookings are done via mobile and tablet


Please visit our newest froum - talkdentalhealth- that we have launched in collaboration with Toothpick and the British Dental Health Foundation by clicking here.