Action Against Allergy calls for tighter regulations

Author: Action Against Allergy

Date: Oct 2018

The charity Action Against Allergy (AAA), which campaigns for better food labelling on products, has stepped up its call for regulations covering the supply of meals or refreshments to be improved urgently. This comes following the well-publicised and very tragic death of teenager Natasha Epnan-Laperouse, who died after buying and eating a baguette from branch of Pret a Manger.

On its website, the charity recently published a comment from AAA trustee Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. She explains that devising and imposing regulations on the smaller food outlets in the UK to protect people with allergies, but without making the rules too burdensom “was always going to be difficult and potentially risky” and adds that Pret should not have been classed as a small retail outlet. “Extending that exemption to a chain that served thousands of products that were most emphatically not made in front of the customer was ludicrous. Pret sandwiches and baguettes are, in effect, retail products and should carry full ingredients labelling as would any other retail product.”

You can read the full article on the AAA website.

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