Could 'free from' skincare products be good for you?

Author: talkhealth

Date: Nov 2018

If you suffer from any of the many allergens or irritants that are responsible for triggering sensitivities and reactions then maybe ‘free from’ skincare products could help. Alex Gazzola, journalist, and co-founder and co-ordinator of the annual Free From Skincare Awards, writes about this in an article on Action Against Allergy’s website. He questions whether it’s a matter of trial and error or if it’s simply just down to pot luck.

Alex explains that, as an organiser of the awards, many people ask him for quick “miracle” solutions, but stresses there is no silver bullet for anyone. “The problem is there are no guarantees that any one product is universally safe, appropriate or helpful,” he/she says. “Understandably, problem skin consumers are tired of ‘trial and error’ experimentation – which can be both costly and detrimental to their skin – and so look for shortcuts.”

“It pays to be realistic,” he writes. “There are likely to be a number of products which could work well for you, and some which won’t work so well.”

The article then describes patch testing, a method by which anyone can test whether their symptoms are aggravated or caused by specific chemicals or substances. Alex also discusses problem ingredients, including preservatives, fragrance allergens, food allergens and even metals.

Read Alex’s full article on the Action Against Allergy website.

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