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Imutest Milk Allergy Kit tests for the sensitivity to the allergen Cows Milk Protein, which can be found in any dairy product or any cooked product using milk or any other dairy product as an ingredient.

Allergy to Cows Milk Protein occurs in about 5% of children but can also occur in adults, sometimes not presenting until later in life. Typical symptoms include swollen lips and face, itching, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, vomiting or headaches.

Proven to be as accurate as hospital laboratory tests, results will be available in 30 minutes or less, in the convenience of the clinic or the comfort of the patient’s own home.

Suitable for use on patients of any age (including small babies), Imutest Milk Allergy Kit provides rapid test results from just one small finger/heel prick blood sample.

Other Imutest Allergy Test Kits:

Currently, there are six Imutest allergy test kits available covering the most common environmental and food allergies … all have CE Mark approval for self-testing, so they can either be purchased by the patient for testing themselves in the privacy of their own home, or they can be used by a healthcare professional (e.g. private doctor, retail pharmacist, nutritionist, homeopath, etc) as part of a service to the patient in a non-laboratory setting.

Every Imutest kit offers the following features:

  • easy to perform
  • requires just a small finger/heel prick blood sample
  • reliable results … proven to be as accurate as hospital laboratory tests
  • rapid results … available within 30 mins

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