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Date: Jul 2018

From 8-19 October 2018, and to coincide with World Arthritis Day (12 October 2018), talkhealth is running an Online Clinic on Arthritis and Pain Management. A team of medical experts including Dr Sandeep Bawa, Consultant Rheumatologist and Tracy Corbett, Chartered Physiotherapist will be available to answer your questions and provide information and guidance on all aspects of arthritis and pain. The event is supported by leading charities Arthritis Action, Institute of Osteopathy and National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society.

The aim of World Arthritis Day is to raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis of arthritis, as well as timely access to treatment. Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint. In the UK, around 10 million people have arthritis and contrary to common belief, it affects people of all ages, including children.1

talkhealth has conducted a number of patient surveys specifically around arthritis, joint pain, chronic pain and pain management. In a 2016/2017 survey2, pain was the most common symptom experienced by people with arthritis, closely followed by stiffness. 30% of those who took part in the survey had been living with pain specifically associated with arthritis for over 10 years. 87% who completed the survey were taking regular prescription medicine to try to manage their pain. Many of these had never been offered or informed about any alternative treatments. And shockingly, over 14% had never seen their GP about a pain medicine review.

When asked about their GP appointments, 38% believe their GP is not equipped to deal with the pain side of their arthritis and as a result they feel like they are being ‘fobbed off’. Comments such as “Lack of understanding”, “lack of time to evaluate levels of chronic pain” and “lack of information on different ways to treat the condition” were common complaints.

In addition to the Online Clinic and for more practical information about arthritis and pain, visit talkarthritis & joint pain hub. You can also talk to others in the patient community forum.

talkhealth is also launching a range of patient support programmes, including a programme to help with the day to management of arthritis and pain. All programmes are written by medical experts and NHS England Information Standard accredited. Find out more and register your interest in this support programme.

To find out more about World Arthritis Day and to get involved, take a look at

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