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More and more of us are realising that healthy nutrition combined with regular exercise will benefit us enormously as we get older. Also, there is growing evidence that certain nutrients can bring us health benefits as we age and Prime Fifty has decided to focus specifically on the needs of the over 50s, with its brand new range of nutritional supplements.

As we get older, we realise that we lose muscle mass and strength, we lose bone density, especially post-menopausal women and we also may find that our Vitamin D levels are lower than what is recommended. Our joints suffer too and our general energy levels are not what they used to be.

What Prime Fifty has done is to firstly study and understand in detail, a range of scientific Food, Diet & Nutrition intake surveys on older adults and understand the key nutrients of concern, ie those that are lower than target and also those that are believed to bring benefits at higher or optimal levels in older adults.

In addition, Prime Fifty has focussed it formulation development solely on the needs of the over 50s and brought together knowledge of what consumers actually want, but also a range of evidence based science and knowledge, which has led to specific targeted products aimed at the older consumer.

Prime Fifty products include supplements for Bone health, Joint health, Muscle health and also Energy too. These products are targeted towards each of these areas, BUT each formulation also contains an additional range of healthy ageing relevant nutrients too, as these ingredients are known to be highly relevant to an ageing metabolism, so are present in all Prime Fifty product formulations.

The range of Prime Fifty products is available in Waitrose, Well Pharmacy, some leading Pharmacies and also QVC. Prime Fifty is also available on where you will also find a wealth of useful information on nutrition, exercise and supplements. Visit if you have any questions relating to our products.

Read more in this government funded research paper which shows that large proportions of the older population are missing the RDA (target intake) for many minerals and vtamins

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