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Arthritis of the spine

How I manage the pain

I started with arthritis of the spine when I was in my twenty’s and for the next 30 years I have been trying to manage the pain that can be quite bad at times so I’m on morphine 24/7. Like loads of pain sufferers I also use heat rubs, hot water bottles, and a heated massage chair to help. Also omega 3 oils daily. About 5 years ago my fingers started to change shape and now these get worse. I have lost 50% grip in my hands, I also suffer from swollen ankles which are really painful. These seem to be worse in winter months. So I top up morphine with ibuprofen tablet’s. The doctor has told me there is no cure and it will only get worse  the best I can do is manage it. These conditions make it very hard to work as I need to sit, stand and lie down to elevate the pain so sleeping is a nightmare. I seldom sleep well due to constant need to change position. I sometimes think when the pain is at its worst, shame I’m not a dog, but this only lasts for a few minutes. My wife is always there for me and that’s all I need.

Robert, UK