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Degenerative Scoliosis

My struggle with Degenerative Scoliosis and Spondylitis

I was first diagnosed with a curvature of the spine in my teens, which has led into Degenerative Scoliosis, after having several MRI Scans & X-Rays. I get pain first thing in the morning, where my back feels so stiff after lying down for so long.The pain then gradually fades as I'm up and about, going about my day but then late afternoon is when the pain returns and it can feel like my back is in a clamp, being squeezed. I find it difficult standing for long periods and the pain only eases after sitting with a hot water bottle on my back for a while.

Secondly, just in the last few months my doctor has diagnosed me with Spondylitis in my neck. He said the discs/plates 5 & 6 are being affected and causing me more pain, due to wear & tear. I struggle to move my neck up & down, and also to look side to side. It is especially stiff in the mornings again, the feeling can leave me in tears it can be so sore. It then takes a while for it to ease and I can eventually move it, but still with some degree of pain, throughout the day.

I take painkillers for my back & neck problems and my doctor has also given me a pain relief gel to use in between. Being in pain with these forms of Arthritis can and does get me down, as I'm also on Anti-Depressants too due to PTSD.

I also worry about how the arthritis will affect me in years to come.

Claire, UK