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Psoriasis and arthritis

Hi everyone, I've been reading all your stories and can totally relate. It's the most soul crushing condition for your self-esteem I've lived with psoriasis for 8 years now and have tried a wide range of treatments. I'm currently on Methotrexate as I had a very bad psoriatic arthritis attack about 2 years ago. It’s supposed to help the skin condition too but really hasn't done much for it. What I do recommend (and it is a pain) is to apply Advanten ointment. I mix it with pawpaw ointment to take it a bit further and then wrap myself in plastic film overnight it isn't the most comfortable but I do this in winter as I find this really helps if you do it for about 2 weeks in a row. It hasn't gotten rid of it for good but really helps the appearance of the red angry patches. Please try it as it may help you!

Shari, UK