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With one in three women and one in ten men experiencing light bladder leakage, we thought there had to be a better way than incontinence pads! At Confitex, we design stylish, functional underwear that deals with the unexpected moments, letting you can stay focused on life’s more important matters.

The secret to our superior function is in our advanced three-layer technology, which is integrated into the central panel of Confitex underwear, which works to absorb moisture and protect you from awkward leaks.

Breathable, washable, and dryer friendly, it’s just like normal underwear without the need for additional disposable products. Choose this natural solution and you’re making a sustainable choice that’s better on the environment, better for your skin, better on your wallet – and much better on your body.

We’re so committed to the product we’d like to give you the chance to trial a pair for yourself.

Confitex underwear is available for men and women in a range of stylish designs, colours and sizes. Choose from our fabulous Men’s range featuring traditional boxer style briefs in black or grey or our fashionable Limited Edition blue stripe. Alternatively, our elegant Women’s collection includes a choice of understated basics to feminine lacy briefs (selected styles available in black, beige and blue with a choice of absorbencies) - there really is something for everybody.

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