We have 5 x Vibrance Pelvic Trainer Sets to giveaway. Each set includes:

  • Vibrance Pelvic Trainer and Soft Egg Shell Casing
  • 3 Training Sleeves
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Users Instruction Manual and Warranty Card (1 year Warranty)

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1 in 3 UK women suffer from stress incontinence making it more common than hay fever. However, whilst 89% of women can identify what the pelvic floor is, 21% don't know how it works. So how do you know if you are doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly?

Vibrance is a ground-breaking, at-home system – Vibrance Therapy – is literally changing lives!

The best way to prevent and treat a weak pelvic floor is with daily targeted pelvic floor exercise, and there's a whole host of products that can assist you. The important point is correct technique and then persistence. It will take a few weeks, sometimes months to achieve a leak free pelvic floor!

Vibrance is medical grade vaginal probe that acts as a vibration feedback kegel educator device. The probe vibrates when you contract your pelvic floor muscles correctly. A beeping system tells you when to contract and for how long – and the gentle vibration means you are spot on with technique! So you can see results faster than struggling along with poor technique with just one or two simple 5 minute routines per day. Resistance sleeves add difficulty and keep you motivated to achieve a leak free lifestyle – sooner rather than later!

Vibrance (£140.83 net of VAT) is now available from iMEDicare Ltd on 01923237795 or visit www.vibrancepelvictrainer.co.uk for more information.

Go find your BUZZ and make the need for unsexy, unsightly and ultimately costly 'coping' mechanisms a thing of the past.

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