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Stress incontinence

I get leakage when I laugh and cough

This is often an embarrassing subject people don’t like to talk about, but do secretly look into online to see if it happens to other people and what they can do about it. Here’s my experiences - I often find if I laugh I can have some bladder leakage, as well as when I cough.  This doesn’t happen all of the time and is usually when I am not very close to a toilet.  I find I also get some leakage when I need the toilet and I am trying to get to one.

I find it frustrating and embarrassing being unable to predict when it’ll happen – usually when I least want it toon a night out or wedding!  I use liners and try to either use the toilet frequently as possible or restrict my fluid intake if I know it could be a challenge to find a toilet if I am out and about.  I haven’t been to see my GP, mainly because I would have to tackle getting an appointment with the interrogation staff also called reception, plus I don’t like to feel like I would be wasting their time for something ‘this trivial’.  My plan is to carry on with liners, unless things get really bad, but it would be good to hear how everyone else’s experience is.


Rachel, UK