Medical grade Manuka honey: A kinder option for stoma care

Author: Clinimed Ltd.

Date: Jan 2018

A ‘stoma’ is an opening on the surface of the abdomen which has been surgically created to divert the flow of faeces (colostomy or ileostomy) or urine (urostomy) into an outer ‘pouch’ worn on the abdomen. People of all ages can require stoma surgery, most commonly as a result of a range of illnesses including cancer, diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease or following a trauma to the abdomen.

Adapting to life with a stoma can be difficult and can sometimes affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. A key concern for many ostomates is the issue of developing very sore skin around the stoma. Severe skin irritation and even infection is usually the result of frequent pouch changes throughout the day, as well as leakage from poorly fitting or over worn pouches.

Manuka honey and the Unique Manuka Factor

Manuka honey is well known for its therapeutic properties. Used for thousands of years, research has shown that it kills bacteria, suppresses inflammation and stimulates the growth of cells, which may help the skin to heal. The Unique Manuka Factor (UMF®) grading scale runs from 5 to 26. The Honey Research Unit provides this rating as a measure of antibacterial strength. A rating over 10 is commonly referred to as ‘Active Manuka honey’ or ‘medical grade Manuka honey’.

Aura® with Manuka honey stoma pouch range

The Manuka honey used in the flange of the Aura® range of stoma pouches has a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) rating of 16+. The inclusion of medical grade Manuka honey in the hydrocolloid flange may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma.

The Aura range of stoma pouches offers a solution for all stoma needs, including those who have a colostomy, ileostomy and/or urostomy. A wide range of pouch sizes, hole sizes and flange options are also available.

Aura Profile with Manuka honey
(the latest edition to the range) is uniquely designed for parastomal hernias as it moulds and adapts to the challenging contours of the body, providing extra adhesion and a secure and leak free fit.

Aura Convex with Manuka honey offers an alternative solution for use on recessed stomas which may have been poorly sited or are retracted from the surface of the abdomen. By applying gentle constant pressure it helps the stoma protrude into the pouch, reducing the risk of leaks.

Aura® Flushable and flushable freedom

Flushable colostomy pouches have been available on prescription for more than 20 years and the latest version, Aura Flushable, now combines the latest flushable technology with the added comfort of medical grade Manuka honey. The pouch features an inner liner and flange which contain biodegradable materials* and both can be flushed in domestic toilets, single flush siphonic systems and septic tanks, giving people the freedom to never have to carry a used pouch again.

Freedom To Be

Not being able to dispose of a used colostomy pouch easily and discreetly can often make many people feel less confident and for some, having access to a flushable pouch can be life changing. As part of a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of a flushable colostomy pouch, a group of Aura® Flushable users have all bravely shared their experiences on film, about how their quality of life has improved since using one.

To learn more about Aura Flushable and to hear their stories visit

How do I find out more about Manuka honey and Aura® stoma pouches? Aura stoma pouches (including Aura Flushable) are all available to order on prescription.

For more information and to request a free sample, please call the CliniMed Careline on Freephone 0808 3011571 quoting reference code 18 TalkHealthWeb or you can email You can also visit the CliniMed website

*WRC Independent testing. Data on file.

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