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  • Jan 2020

    What to know about Crohn's and the eyes

    Although most Crohn's disease symptoms involve the gut, the condition can also affect the eyes. Learn more about eye-related Crohn's symptoms here.

  • Jan 2020

    Pain in the lower abdomen and bloating: What to know

    Lower abdominal pain and bloating sometimes occur together. Read on to find out the potential causes of these symptoms and the treatment options available.

  • Nov 2019

    How do doctors test for Crohn's disease?

    Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease. There is no single test for diagnosing it. A doctor might order a few different tests to confirm a diagnosis. Here, learn how doctors test for and diagnose Crohn’s disease.

  • Nov 2019

    What to know about bowel disorders

    Bowel disorders affect the organs in the lower gastrointestinal tract. In this article, learn about the different types of bowel disorder, their causes and symptoms, and how to treat them.

  • Nov 2019

    13 snack ideas for Crohn's disease

    Crohn’s is an inflammatory bowel disease, and adjusting the diet can help reduce and prevent symptoms. Learn about the best snacks for people with Crohn’s disease here.

  • Nov 2019

    What are the 5 types of Crohn's disease?

    Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disorder. There are five types of Crohn’s disease, depending on symptoms and what part of the digestive tract they affect. Here, we explain the types and more.

  • Nov 2019

    What to know about Crohn's disease and intestinal strictures

    Crohn’s disease can sometimes lead to health complications, such as intestinal strictures. Read this article to learn more about the formation of intestinal strictures, the symptoms, and how to treat them.

  • Nov 2019

    Upset stomach: Crohn's disease or something else?

    An upset stomach can have many causes, including Crohn’s disease. Read this article for more information on how to tell whether the cause of an upset stomach is Crohn’s disease or something else.

  • Oct 2019

    How does alcohol affect Crohn's disease?

    Alcohol and many other foods and drinks can cause flare-ups for people with Crohn’s disease. Here, learn more about the relationship between alcohol and Crohn’s, what the research says, and how to manage the symptoms.

  • Oct 2019

    Does sunlight change our gut microbiome?

    Scientists have found changes in the gut microbiomes of vitamin D deficient volunteers after only three sessions of ultraviolet light exposure.

  • Oct 2019

    Common drugs may alter gut bacteria and increase health risks

    Researchers have found evidence to suggest that many common prescription drugs can impact the gut microbiome, potentially increasing human health risks.

  • Oct 2019

    Which foods are beneficial for a healthy gut microbiome?

    A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and legumes, contains some red wine and poultry, and is low in red meat may keep the gut microbiota healthy.

  • Oct 2019

    How blood vessel health may drive IBD

    Researchers have found that blood vessels likely contribute to the development of inflammatory bowel diseases. The finding also suggests novel treatments.

  • Oct 2019

    What to know about boswellia

    Boswellia is a resin that has widespread use in natural medicine. Scientific research is starting to provide evidence for its effects on inflammatory health conditions. Learn about its possible uses, benefits, and side effects here.

  • Sep 2019

    What can make passing stool painful?

    There are many reasons a person may experience pain during a bowel movement. In this article, we discuss 10 possible causes and some treatment options.

  • Aug 2019

    Immune system pathway may be key to Crohn's disease treatment

    A new study looks at the interaction between a specific protein and a type of receptor. Blocking this specific pathway may help treat Crohn's.

  • Aug 2019

    How to recognize Candida in stool

    The presence of Candida in stool does not always signal an overgrowth. Signs of Candida in stool include white or brown mucus, froth, or foam. Treatment options include antifungal medications. Learn more here.

  • Jul 2019

    What is bile acid malabsorption?

    Bile acid malabsorption is a condition in which the body does not reabsorb enough bile acid, leading to diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Learn more here.

  • Jun 2019

    Could a plant based diet be the answer to Crohn's disease?

    Following a plant based diet helped one man with Crohn's disease achieve complete remission after a year of standard treatment had failed to do so.

  • Jun 2019

    Diagnosing IBD: Noninvasive method trialed in mice

    New research finds that immuno-PET imaging can accurately detect IBD in mice. The findings reveal information about specific inflammation mediators.

  • May 2019

    What to know about folate deficiency

    Folate is an essential nutrient. A lack of dietary folate can cause anemia, which is especially dangerous for women during pregnancy. Learn about the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of folate deficiency here.

  • May 2019

    IBD: Blood test could help predict severity, improve treatment

    Predicting the severity of an individual case of IBD may help guide treatment. A new study outlines a blood-based test that can predict IBD's course.

  • May 2019

    What to know about abdominal tenderness

    Causes of abdominal tenderness include a variety of gastrointestinal issues, injuries to the area, and organ-related conditions. Treatment varies depending on the cause. Learn more about abdominal tenderness here.

  • Apr 2019

    Why does my stool smell foul?

    Foul-smelling stool can have a variety of causes, from milk allergies to chronic pancreatitis. This article looks at eight reasons why a person's stool might smell particularly bad, as well as diagnosis, treatment, and when to see a doctor.

  • Apr 2019

    Researchers explore 'completely novel, nontoxic' IBD treatment

    Researchers identify a new method that could allow them to treat and even prevent the development of inflammatory bowel disease, among other conditions.