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  • Sep 2015


    Psychodermatology is a health speciality where psychology, psychiatry and dermatology overlap. The link between the skin and the mind is clear in an everyday sense.

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  • Aug 2015

    British Association of Dermatologists launches psychological support website

    The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) launches Skin Support, a Department of Health funded website providing psychological support for people with skin conditions.

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  • Aug 2015

    Dissatisfaction in atopic dermatitis treatment

    Latest results from GfK Disease Atlas, a real-world evidence program linking physician- and patient-reported treatment data, reveals major gaps in satisfaction levels for the treatment of at...

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  • Apr 2015

    Independent King’s Fund report finds major failings in NHS services for people with skin disea...

    A report by the King’s Fund* into a major NHS specialty - dermatology - has identified staff shortages, poor training, inconsistent quality in diagnosis and treatment and large variations ...

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  • FEB 2015

    Swansea University study into common triad of diseases published

    Academics from Swansea University’s College of Medicine, have taken part in a worldwide study into the common diseases of asthma, eczema and hay fever, which is being published in the reno...

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  • JUL 2014

    Controversial preservative is causing acute contact allergy reactions, but the EU has failed to ...

    The EU Commission has made a decision to remove a controversial preservative from cosmetic products. However, the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD), ahead of their annual conferenc...

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