Hand care and avoiding irritant substances

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There are an increasing number of people who suffer with eczema on their hands. A large proportion of them find that eczema is aggravated by contact with irritant substances, such as animals, foods, and household cleaning products etc.

It is difficult to keep hand eczema under control as we use our hands for so many things. Children find their hands are particularly at risk as they are exposed to a variety of different substances at nursery and school, for example, paints, play dough, sand pits etc.

New mums also report higher incidences of hand eczema largely due to the frequent number of times they wash their hands as they follow the strict hygiene guidelines associated with new-borns.

It is important not to wash hands with normal soap but to use a water dispersible cream (speak to your GP or pharmacist about the options available). The secret is to wash hands in luke warm water and to massage and rub hands together with the cream for several minutes for maximum effect. Ideally, this routine should be performed several times each day. It is better to use a cream via a pump dispenser as this helps keep the cream contamination free. Steroids can also be used for hand eczema but it is advisable to talk to your GP first.

Some eczema sufferers find their hands are affected by latex and this means that many cannot tolerate wearing rubber gloves to clean and wash up. There are a small, but effective range of washing up products available that are dermatologically tested and can be suitable for sufferers with latex allergy.

One such product is Surcare concentrated washing up liquid manufactured by Robert McBride Ltd. This product has been specially formulated to help prevent the aggravation of sensitive hands. Surcare washing up liquid does not contain dye or perfume and because it is concentrated, only a small amount provides you with outstanding cleaning power. As part of the Surcare range, it is one step closer to helping control your's and your family's sensitive skin. It is recommended that you rinse your hands and dry them thoroughly as part of your normal hand care routine.

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