Do you suffer from eczema / dry skin conditions? We have 1 x Kinetico Premier Compact water softener (size 219 mm wide x 468 mm depth x 498 mm height) worth over £1500 (this will include a free standard installation worth up to £250) to giveaway to someone suffering with eczema / dry skin. A condition of winning the water softener is for the winner to write a blog / and or review and to also either take part in a video review or provide before and after photos for use by Kinetico (once the water softener has been installed).

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Why a Water Softener?
13 million homes in the UK suffer from hard water where rainwater, which is naturally soft, flows through sedimentary rock containing limestone and chalk. Along the way to the underground wells and reservoirs the calcium and magnesium minerals dissolve into the water making it ‘hard’. The calcium and magnesium minerals when heated turn into limescale deposits and create ‘scum’, both of which can affect everything that they come into contact with, including you. A Kinetico water softener installed under your kitchen sink will quite simply remove the limescale from your water.

Relief from eczema and dry skin
A water softener can make a massive difference to skin hydration, irritation and the prevalence of contact dermatitis.

Eczema sufferers often have naturally dry skin, and a new study* has shown that the magnesium and calcium in hard water can damage the skin’s barrier and may exacerbate the symptoms of eczema, with children being particularly susceptible, a study in The Lancet** concluded that exposure to hard water in the home may increase the risk of eczema in children of primary school age. Eczema sufferers who use the Kinetico water system have reported big improvements in their symptoms***.

Why Kinetico?
Kinetico has 1 million customers world wide. With the Kinetico Water Softening System, hard water is passed through a system of resin beads which calcium and magnesium cling to. The system is non-electrical, and is powered by the kinetic energy of water so there are no timers or plugs to worry about. The Kinetico system works on a two tank based system loaded with block salt for cleaning which means that unlike other softening systems, when one tank needs cleaning, the system seamlessly switches to the second tank to soften water, so at no point is there any hard water circulating in your system, depositing damaging limescale and scum.

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* A study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2017 by researchers at the University of Sheffield and King’s College London
** A study published in The Lancet (Volume 352, No. 9127, p527–531, 15 August 1998)
***Case studies of eczema sufferers available on request

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