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Eczema and allergies

I had eczema as a child in many places but as an adult it cleared up almost everywhere except my hands. My hands always flared up and were worse in winter, but steroid cream always helped until recently. I’m 38 now and during the last 6 months nothing has helped the eczema clear up on my hands, and I have also developed it bad on my elbow and knee joints and on my back. I was sent for allergy tests and it turned out I’m allergic to pollen, trees, grass, cats, dogs, dust and latex. I am now on prescribed allergy tablets and my eczema is settling down again.

Julie, UK

Coleus forskohlii helped reduce my rash and itchy skin

I have suffered with eczema since childhood with devastating results. Having tried what felt like thousands of products I had given up when I saw a newsletter for my local health food store. They were recommending something called Coleus forskohlii. Having tried conventional anti histamines with no effect I was sceptical but with one week my itching and rash had reduced. It certainly hasn't cured me but has made a massive improvement on my once horrific skin.

Helen, Yeovil, UK