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Cleaning products

Non-toxic cleaning supplies

My 3 year old has suffered practically since the day of birth with skin problems. We've been to 8 Drs, traditional, homeopathic and Chinese herbalists. Oh my! I finally found some nontoxic cleaning supplies and some nontoxic personal care products that seem to be helping the skin clear up. Also, two weeks ago we discovered hot springs water had a positive effect on the skin. We are still testing the theory. 6/5/03. Right now, we administer a bath then rinse with the mineral water. It seems to be working. We are all sleeping at night for about the last 8 days. I just feel for all these people suffering from different skin problems.

I've been doing research for over 9 months and have found some pretty incredible information about what is really in our cleaning products, shampoos, conditioners, etc. even those that say they are natural or hypo-allergenic. Do some research on the products you are using on your skin. I've also come to the conclusion that we need to eat very healthy and take supplements. Organic food can make a big difference. So can using nontoxic cleaning supplies and nontoxic personal care products. I never considered myself "green" but the more I learn about what’s out there the more conscious I am. I know everybody's case is different but if our homes are healthy, our food is healthy then we are healthier. We did skin testing and blood testing. Neither one showed any allergy but to cats. We tried an elimination diet and found out that dairy, wheat, eggs, pork, soy, chocolate and sugar all cause reactions. Keep trying. There are ways to get healthier, just take one step at a time. Really think about your home environment. My daughter had a reaction to bleach when I washed the towels. It was just the chemicals in the air from washing that caused her to go into an itching frenzy. Now we do not have any bleach in the house. No more toxins for this household.

J L Randolph, Idaho, USA