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Shower regularly

I am 12, and have had eczema for as long as I can remember, I also have asthma so I personally believe the two are linked. I find it helps greatly if you have a shower every day; it helps remove dead skin cells & refresh and re hydrate your skin. Always try and have a good supply of your medication so you don't run out as I often find myself doing! Apart from that, try to keep yourself busy so you do not absent-mindedly scratch; remember there is always hope!!!!!

Sprog, Leighton Buzzard, UK

Vinegar and bath oil

DON'T WANT STEROIDS OR CREAMS? TRY THIS EASY REMEDY!! My young daughter has eczema and my experience is through her. It took us 2 years of her life to find out that she has food intolerance that cause her eczema, and now because of this we mostly have it under control. However when she does come into contact and react it used to cause her sore and bleeding skin for up to a month afterwards, using all the creams and ointment we could to try and help her. BUT now her reaction can be healed within ONE week - How? Well it is simply a case of putting into her nightly bath 1 desert spoonful of vinegar and 1 desert spoonful of bath oil at the same time. It seems that this settles the skins PH balance and thus stops the itching. The difference in her is amazing.

Mrs Greatbatch, Bristol, UK

Bathing helps my eczema

I know each person is different, but with eczema, I physically can't go 24 hours without a shower. I am 24 years old and was home hospitalised in 3rd grade and spent weeks in the hospital in 5th and 8th grades. They put me in 4 Aveeno Baths a day, immediately followed by steroids and Aquaphor. And a few times being wrapped with saran wrap! (it helps a lot, I still do it to my feet!) When I went in I couldn't turn my neck due to cracking and pussing, with this I was clear in 4 days. So bathing the right way is the remedy for severe eczema. Whenever I get a bad flare-up I use this.

Kate, Rhode Island, USA


My son developed eczema at a very young age. We tried everything but could not get to the root cause. GP was not very sympathetic and had to work on our own to find a cause and cure. By chance our son was allergy tested because of his asthma. This identified possible triggers to his asthma and eczema. We decided to try elimination diet, even sent his hair off to be analysed, you get so desperate when your son is scratching himself red raw every night! He was finally allergy tested after bad reaction to a yogurt being reintroduced into his diet. Found he was allergic to milk, eggs, nuts and cats. Avoided these skin improved but still problem. Then one rainy day in Bakewell discovered the answer to all my prayers!!!! In a corner of a craft fair a stand selling Aalgo. This is a dried seaweed product that you add to the bath. It smells and looks disgusting and took a lot of persuading to get my son in the bath! But I can honestly say that this has had dramatic results to my son's skin. You can feel the difference it is no longer dry but feels normal, we do not put a heavy emollient on his body twice a day but aqueous cream is enough. The scratching and redness has gone and he is a different child. I cannot recommend this strongly enough and it is mild enough that even babies can use it. Please ignore the smell and give it a try!!

Ruth, Newcastle, UK

Don't Bathe Less

It is infuriating to read that so many mothers are told by their doctors that, to combat eczema, children should be bathed less. Little ones have to be able to play and get dirty and then get it all washed off at night. My 7-year-old daughter has struggled since infancy with eczema and we have finally found the biggest culprit to be not THE BATH but THE CHLORINE in the bath. Another mother suggested I install a chlorine filter on the bathtub and my child is considerably better. This revelation has come after seven years of doctors giving quick & easy fixes - potentially harmful steroids, antihistamines, antibiotics, rather than thinking to suggest a chlorine filter.

H Stout, Baltimore, USA

Adding salt to the bath

Hi, just wanted to add my tip for an all over body outburst. Sometimes I just get a huge attack, still searching what triggers it, but I noticed that my skin is always much better when on holiday because of the sea and sun etc. Well in England, we are never really going to have the sun, but I have taken to bringing the sea to my bath, by simply adding salt. It really can clear things up quickly, I'm guessing from the anti-bacterial effect. Just remember to moisturize well after. Oh and it can sting, but I just think that it's doing me good, and well it stings when I go in the sea...

Sylvia, London, UK

Milk baths helped soothe my daughter

Along with what the doctors told me I would give my oldest daughter milk baths. I would add one envelope of powdered milk to her bath and let her soak for a few minutes. This would soothe her.

Kathy, New Jersey, USA

I add sea salt to my bath and it's cleared my eczema

Hi, just wanted to say hello and share my tip for controlling my eczema which I've had since birth and had some pretty awful flare ups in that time. My grandmother had a friend who had lived in South Africa and she had always been told to sea bathe to help eczema. So my Gran brought some sea salt which was added to my bath (a hand full) every time and this has helped to keep my skin moist and calm, only when I'm under stress or stay somewhere they don't use non bio washing powder or I run out of salt does the terrible itching re-appear and after reading the other posts I hope to find a good solution to that.

Jade, Margate, UK

Aleppo soap has helped

My sister in-law suffers from eczema on her hands, she has tried all the usual creams etc, but she still gets flare ups where there are cracks between her fingers. One thing she has found that really helps is by using Aleppo soap to wash with. These soaps are 100% natural olive oil and laurel soap which are very moisturising and completely chemical free, I think it’s the laurel which is a bay leaf extract and is natural mild antiseptic that does the trick. I have bought her some Aleppo Gold premium 15% laurel bars in the past, they're an extra large bar which last for ages.

Rosie, Truro, UK