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EPD & neutralisation

EPD treatment

I have suffered from the big 'E' since birth. I now receive a treatment called Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD) which is a form of immune therapy. My condition has improved significantly. It is not a cure but if made widely available could improve the lives of millions of sufferers. What we need is more research into the causes of eczema and possible treatments. Let's all do our bit to get this issue on the agenda!

Robert, Durham, UK

EPD treatment

The subject which is all the rage for eczema sufferers round about now is EPD..... I have tried 2 injections within the space of 2 months (each costing £100) and it was the biggest mistake of my life!

I went to a concert after a week of taking my last injection. During the concert there was lots of pyrotechnics and smoke and heat etc. As the concert ended I began to feel extremely itchy all over. When I got home my skin was swollen and had gone black all over!!! My entire body was infected. I went back to the "specialist" who gave me the EPD to try and get an explanation. At first he denied it was the fault of the EPD but after persistence and a bit of history probing he finally concluded it was the EPD. He wanted me to carry on but I refused because he had not researched my history closely

More than a year has gone by since the last EPD and my skin is still black and patchy and I'm getting new patches of eczema where I never had it before. This injection has shattered my whole immune system and I am hyper sensitive to quite a few foods. I can barely walk because my legs are the worst hit especially behind the knees. I have suffered insomnia for months and my general well-being is non-existent as well as getting anaemia. I am trying to control it through diet now and I now know which foods causes problems.

I suggest anyone who uses EPD please get a suitable practitioner and that your medical history should be checked to the full. Don't make the mistake I did.

Hiren, Harrow, UK