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Foot eczema

Intensely itchy blisters

Ive had atopic eczema since birth and at the age of 8...9 around there these tiny and intensely itchy  blisters started appearing on my feet. Each day after school I'd run into my shower to soak my feet in super hot water to quickly ease the terrible itch. As i grew i didn't really get these rashes until i went to high school it came back and all the doctors could prescribe was steroid creams such as vizomet, elomet and etc. It usually takes few days of using these creams before they go off. Not long before they come back. Now in college im still suffering from this. My college clinis only give me antifungal creams which does not do much for me. I also notice the itching becomes intense when I undergo exam pressure and study  stress. The blisters actually collide and form a bigger blister which eventually will start to hurt when i walk in closed shoes and worsens. The itching is just super terrible and annoying as its under my feet and in  between my toes.

Sinthu, Malaysia

Foot eczema

I got this eczema on my feet since 2003. Come and go on different spots on my feet, sometimes on the left side, sometimes on the other. I've tried Betamethasone cream, Gentamycin cream, Clobetasol cream, and medicines like Prednisone and Cloxacillin. But just like they've said, it still has no cure. Now I got it on both the left and right side. Knowing that there is still no cure, one day when my eczema launch an all-out itchy attack, I fought back with my full force scratching counter strike... Skin peeled and then bleeds. So what I did was, I treated it just like a wound. I put BETADINE (povidone-iodine) on it. For over a month now, not an itch or flakes. Now I'm waiting for my other foot to unbearably itch and I would do the same strategy.

Loreto, Philippines

Finally my foot eczema is under control - Sammie, Milton Keynes, UK

Firstly, I sympathise with anyone who is an eczema sufferer. And know of the pain and frustration that comes with this disease. I have suffered from Hand and Foot eczema since I was 16, where the soles of my feet would blister and the palms of my hands. I would have them in bandages for weeks at a time. For the most part I would have no skin on on my hands or feet and would bleed and weep excessively. I have used various steroid creams, that have only given me temporary relief. After having patch tests, I found out I was allergic to fragrance. I do not use any forms of fragrance, this includes, shampoo, soap, washing powder, deodorant, washing up liquid. Because I used steroids for many years, my skin is now hypersensitive; and have found I have other allergies, animal fur is just one. I now have my eczema under control, I occasionally have a few blisters in the summer, and bath in Oilatum plus and do not use any forms of steroid creams.

Sammie, Milton Keynes, UK