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Moisturisers & emollients

Oilatum natural repair cream

I have received a number of emails asking me about this product. I discovered it by chance in Boots. It has no preservatives, emulsifiers or fragrances. They also make a face repair cream, but it has extra ingredients so I wouldn't use it. I tried this on my 10 year old daughter who developed facial eczema out of the blue. I had tried numerous creams, steroids, etc, from my GP, with no result. Oilatum Natural Repair Cream is made from natural plant lipids. It costs about £7.40 for a small tube, but I found it well worth it. I have been told that it is available on prescription by someone who lives in England.

Gail, UK


If like me, when your eczema flares up your skin breaks and you can't use your regular cream, use Sudocrem antiseptic cream. It speeds up the healing process so you can get back onto your regular cream. It's very mild and causes no irritation and kills any bacteria on your skin to prevent infection. Use it during the day and night for 1-2 days before going back on your regular cream. It's very white and hides any red, angry colouring that is produced by eczema. Hope this helps someone.

Ally, Bristol, UK

Moisturiser mixture

My daughter has had atopic eczema since she was 9 months old. I have tried everything from Eumovate ointment to Dead Sea salts. She is now 3 years old and the only thing I have found that gives her any comfort is Hemp oil. I mix half a tub of Aqueous cream and half a tub of Epaderm cream with half a cup of hemp oil and a few drops of Lavender oil. This mixture seems to keep her skin moisturised for longer and reduces the severe outbreaks she normally suffers. The only other thing that can also work is the cracked nipple cream Kamillosan, although this is an expensive option but has good results.

Emma, London, UK

Fucibet and Epaderm

My daughter has what they call severe eczema and has suffered for a very long time with it she was first diagnosed when she was 6 weeks old with infantile eczema I was given Oilatum and it cleared but soon after her 1st birthday it appeared from no where over night she was covered from head to toe we were then referred to see a dermatologist at local hospital we were given all kinds of steroid creams and antibiotics we have had countless hospital and doctors’ visits we have also had endless stays in hospital which is hard as I have another child. Well that was nearly 3 years ago and we have been given different creams antibiotics steroids and none have really worked since then my only wish is that she will grow out of it cause of her age I don't like having to see her suffer it’s so hard as a mother to watch her cry in pain my daughter is now on a steroid cream Fucibet and Epaderm she has also just finished her course of antibiotics which was Erythromycin.

Julie-Ann, Dorset, UK

Vaseline works for me

I am 49 and had Eczema most of my life in the common form behind my knees and around my ankles, sometimes bad, sometimes worse. A few months ago after a sudden loss in my family, it went mad and just about covered me even onto my back. There was nothing I could do, and hated even going to bed because it seemed every night brought on the itch scratch cycle while I was half dozing. I tried even sleeping in lose clothes, which helped slightly, but I still had the terrible dry skin. I had tried all the usual steroids, emollients etc. but it just came back worse. I saw this site and on somebody's recommendation bought a vitamin c style shower filter. I changed my diet to include oily fish and drank less tea and more fresh Orange and Grape juice. I also found a new Moisturiser!!! Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Lotion. Thanks Tesco!!! I thought I'd give it a try on the "nothing to lose basis". What a difference.....this stuff really does work after 2 days the difference is better than changing my diet or the shower filter put together. Go and buy...better still...go and buy all the things above and good luck to you. I can safely say with using this stuff ...I go the whole day without an itch ... it's broken the cycle and all for £3.50!!! Good Luck, and No I'm not on commission!!!

Richard, Milton Keynes, UK

Creams that have worked for me

Hi my name is Lydia I am 12 years old and have had eczema since I was a baby. I have tried so many different remedies on my skin no wonder I have spots! My mum always says it is our cat and she is probably right! I would say go to the doctors and try new creams out! the only problem is I always am going down to the doctors they gave me three creams one Betnovate or however it is spelt most people may have heard of this. It works but.... I got it just after coming back from holiday when I had a tan! It made white blotches where my eczema had been and it made me so upset. This is a warning. But I just say try new things out. I am there for everyone suffering because I know how it feels I cry so much about it and I hate myself to pieces! I love wearing make-up but it brings my eczema out! so try not putting make-up where your eczema is also put gloves or long socks over your hands at night as it prevents you from scratching and just moisturise your skin all day! it will make your skin softer and not so dry! Pets make it worse as I found out. But still love having a cat. But also I found out that strawberries bring out my eczema very badly and a friend of mine found out fish brings out hers so when your eczema flares up see what you ate and next time you have it see if it flares up.

Lydia, West Sussex, UK

Aveeno cream & Manuka honey product help our daughter

My 4 year old daughter has had problems with her skin since she was born. She gets stubborn dry areas around her waist, face and back of the neck. It can all flare up red and sometimes her skin breaks on her wrists. I got really fed up so started on the internet. We tried Freederm Hc from USA, she complained of stinging and we didn't see any improvement. We are now using a manuka honey product for eczema. We use it very sparingly as if it was a steroid and it seems to be working. We are also using for the first time, Aveeno cream, it's the first cream we have put on her that really stops her skin feeling dry and lasts well overnight. At the moment her skin is at it's best for a long time.

Suzanne, Bude, UK

Epaderm cream is the only thing that's worked

I discovered Epaderm cream by mistake and I had never looked at this product. Over the years I have suffered with eczema and have tried every product possible. I also found out last year that I have eczema on private areas, all treatments did not work until I started with this product. Please tell everyone that this a fantastic product to use.

B Hunter, Leeds, UK

My mum made a cream that has helped my children

When I had my first child he had eczema the doctor gave me some cream and then steroids, when I told my mum she made me a cream she told me it was a family secret which I knew nothing about. Anyway, he used it for two yrs and he was cured and my now two yr old boy has eczema but he uses it only twice a week. I have tried to talk to experts but no one listens, maybe none of them knows how hard it is to live with eczema.

Evelyn, Hayes, UK