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Shampoo & scalp treatments

Baby shampoos are the best

My sister and I suffer with psoriasis on our scalps which as many of you will know is highly embarrassing as quite large flakes of dandruff are produced and very difficult to get rid of. We discovered that it was our shampoos and conditioners that were potentially making our scalps more irritated because of all the ingredients and chemicals used in them. These were mainly large brand names that were the problem, shampoos that make your hair "Extra shiny" or "thicker" basically anything with more than 6 chemicals in was a problem for us. So now we use baby shampoo/children's shampoos and it doesn't have to be the posh expensive ones, we use our supermarkets own brand. I spend 99p on my children's Shampoo/Conditioner 2 in 1 and it works brilliantly. Obviously this is NOT a cure but certainly helps reduce the itching and flakes. My hairdresser also advised me that I could carry on using conditioners that make your hair look nice as long as I didn't put it anywhere near my scalp so literally just through the ends of my hair. I hope this helps some of you.

Jenny, Yorkshire, UK

Kerastase products

Hey there. I just wanted to share something with you all that I just found and has helped me tremendously. I am not representing this company in anyway. I have suffered from dry, itchy, peeling scalp since high school. Because I am always brushing out flakes from my scalp (hair comes out with it) my hair has been thinning as well. I have tried EVERYTHING. I seriously mean everything. I finally became so frustrated that I just stopped using products and prescriptions and started my own field test. I stumbled across something that is not meant for scalp treatment, but actually worked.

I started using Kerastase products in my hair because there were so light and seemed to not aggravate my scalp psoriasis. While I was shopping I found one of their products for hair thinning called Kerastase Specifique. I cleaned out my scalp that night, peeling out all of the dead skin (my scalp was red) I tested the product in the front of my head, along the hair line where I seem to have the most flairs. It tingled a little, much like an after shave balm does. The next morning I had NO FLAKY/ ITCHY SCALP and very minor redness. By the next afternoon, my red scalp was completely gone and not a flake, or sign of my skin starting to peel. I could not believe it. I had a ritual every morning of peeling out dry scalp. And for the first time in years, all I had to do was style my hair. Again, I am not making this up trying to promote a product. I am an actress that has been struggling with my scalp…desperate to find a solution. I searched for so long for a solution and I finally found one by chance. I'll check back in to let you know how my hair thinning problem is going, but for now... the product made for thinning has delivered me of my scalp problems!!! I am so excited to share.

Ashlee, Los Angeles, USA