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Shampoo & scalp treatments

DermaSmoothes scalp oil

This e-mail is in response to a message posted in the most recent newsletter. The person was telling about the problems they were having with their scalp. Well, about a year ago my doctor prescribed to me a scalp oil called DermaSmoothes. It worked wonders. It’s a very thin oil almost like baby oil. It took away the constant itch, cracking, and extreme flaking of my scalp. It was so soothing. As directed by my doctor and not the directions on the product, I applied it daily as an oil. It immediately began to reduce the discomfort. In about two to three days the inflammation was gone as well as the cracking. All the dry patches had flaked completely off and the affected areas of my scalp appeared renewed. Every so often if I feel these symptoms coming on, I apply this oil and it starts working instantly before it becomes a problem. I hope this helps you.

Deirdra, Maryland, US

Sensitive H&S

My 3½ year old daughter has terrible eczema on her head and every shampoo I used used to make it worse. The only thing I could use to keep it under control was the Sensitive H&S. A friend recommended that I tried 'Rooibos' (or Red Bush to you and I) shampoo which is a south African product. Red Bush claims to have anti-inflammatory properties to it and is high in anti-oxidants. I'm now on my second bottle of this shampoo and I can't believe the difference. Not only does her hair look lovely and clean and shiny, it also gets out all the greasy creams that I have put on her during the day. Fabulous product but it does contain a mild perfume which may not be suitable for all. The tea is lovely too and calms from within!

Julie, Gravesend, UK