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Soap & soap substitutes

Fruit soap

This is my first visit to this site and I have read the same things on other similar sites. What amazes me is the number of sufferers. I am one of those fortunate ones that managed to get rid of the dreaded curse. I suffered with eczema on my hands for more years than I care to remember. It got so bad I had to tape the ends of my fingers with micro pore to prevent the skin from splitting. Over the years I have been prescribed every steroid cream in the book all to no avail. When I saw the consultant at the local hospital in 1997 he said I had eczema and I would have it for life. He gave me another steroid and a hand wash and after using them for 3/4 days my hands were worse still so I consigned both products to the bin. My luck changed just afterwards - my wife purchased some fruit soap from a local manufacturer and within 14 days of using it I had feeling returning to my fingertips and after 6 weeks the curse had disappeared and it has never returned. I still use the soap and over the last few years I have given it to some of my friends who had skin disorders and it has had a similar effect with them. I still have a very small supply and if there is someone out there that would like to try it I am quite prepared to send them sufficient free of charge to see if it works on them.

Gordon, Swansea, UK

Pure shea butter and African soap

At the moment I am using pure virgin shea butter and black African soap and soaking my 7 month daughter in oat baths every night and touch wood this appears to be a winning formula. The eczema seems to be disappearing. I have also been using Pure Potions Skin Salvation which is very good but expensive to use on a day to day basis. I got the butter and soap from very reasonable prices and a little goes along way.

Michelle, Biddulph, UK

RESTORZ handmade soap has worked for me

I live in an area where natural products are the most desirable choices. I found a product called RESTORZ handmade soap made with lavender, tea tree oil and peppermint at a craft fair from a business named Blue Dolphin Soap Co. I really have a problem with eczema and found this natural soap to be clearly an appropriate solution to my skin plaque and irritation. Without going too far into explanation let me just say that within three weeks of use I can only see a red mark where once I had large scaly plaque on my arms and legs. I don't have to tell you how wonderful that makes me feel as I am always attempting to cover up my eczema. It's your choice but because this really has made a difference in my life and I use soap anyway I can't find a reasonable doubt as to why I should not continue using it or recommend it to others who could truly benefit from it. Just my opinion.

Russ, Melbourne, Austrialia