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UV protection sun creams and chemicals

I spoke to the skin specialist at our local hospital regarding what sun lotion to use on my 8 year old, and she told me to beware that some high UV protection sun creams have so many chemicals in them, that using them may cause a reaction, and that the skin does benefit from some rays ...

Jacqui, Knaresborough, UK

Pool treatments

The beginning of my story is like so many others. I have had eczema my whole life breaking out in itchy irritated rashes in the creases of my elbows, behind my knees, on my neck, feet hands bra line. You name it. I remember my mom putting Eucerin Cream (the thick tub) on me when I was about 7 and then a cold wet towel over because it burned so bad I would cry. My condition got somewhat better as I hit puberty but was still noticeable, irritating and embarrassing. After high school I started teaching swimming lessons at a private swim school in my area. The pool was part chlorinated but otherwise used a chemical called Miox which I had never heard of before. I was in the pool every day for around 4 hours teaching lessons. In about two months of working there my skin was AMAZING!!! And I am not kidding, I mean NO flakes, NO itching, No bumps on my arms, NO dandruff... my skin was shiny and radiant and soft. I HAD SOFT SKIN for the first time in my LIFE. I recently moved for college and am not working there anymore, and my skin conditions are back to what they used to be. I think Miox pool treatments should be given to people with eczema like mine because for 9 months I was "normal" in my eyes. And to be able to wear a swimsuit at the beach and not worry about how gross my skin looked was a dream come true. I don't know if fully chlorinated pools would work the same but without working there I don't really have four hours to dedicate to pool time a day. I don't know if it’s the Miox, chlorine, or just water in general but if you can do this, DO IT!!!

Chrissy, USA