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You really are what you eat!

I have severe eczema and psoriasis. When it's particularly bad my skin bleeds and sheds, I'm itchy all day and my skin sheds on my clothes which makes me really self-conscious. My ears shed and I need to get my ears cleaned out by the doctor every year where the debris blocks my ear canals. I've suffered like this for many years, and now I have been told I have psoriatic arthritis too. I decided I'd had enough and tried to see if diet affected my condition. I experimented for 3 months. Went to see GP about my arthritis and showed her my skin. She was shocked. She asked if my dermatologist had started me on some new drug trials. After trying the new treatment it almost completely cleared my skin. My psoriasis massively reduced. The only trouble is I really have to stick to a diet whereby I eat things which are kind to my skin and totally avoid those which exacerbate my condition. Coincidentally, the diet for my skin is also helping my arthritis and my blood pressure is reduced so I believe I’ve found a good balance. It's not always easy, I have to think before I plan trips etc, and I’ve also had to cut down on some things which I enjoyed, but the trade-off is worth it. It's taken me 50 years to believe this but in my case it's true, you are what you eat!

Martyn, UK