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Eczema and bullying

My name is Amelia and i'm a teen. I've had eczema since I was in pre-school, as a little kid it never affected me much, no one asked me questions or bullied me, I was pretty oblivious myself that I had eczema. In 4th grade that all changed, I switched schools to a performing arts school because I LOVE acting, at the school I got bullied every single day about my skin. I wore long pants, long sleeves shirts and boots everyday even in the summer because I did not want anyone seeing my skin. In fifth grade I moved back to my old school with all my friends but fourth grade had left a permanent mark on me, I was spiralling towards depression and suicide because of my skin and those mean bullies. Finally I told my mom about my depression and she brought me to a therapist. In sixth grade I was given stronger eczema medication to help with my skin. This year I got diagnosed  with depression, and I know it was mostly because of those bullies. I still do suffer from eczema and it's a daily battle but it's getting better and I take better care of myself. This year I got accepted into a modeling agency and I am working my way towards becoming an actor. I more understand my skin and I know without eczema I wouldn't be the same person I am today, I often say if I could choose between having eczema and not having I would choose having it because it has made me strong.