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Management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Hello my name is Lee Martin and I am a Registered Dietitian. One of my main specialties and interests is the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  In 2010 a new evidenced based treatment called the Low FODMAP diet was introduced in the UK as a treatment for IBS after success in Australia.   Since completing training on the low FODMAP diet at King’s College London and setting up a specialist clinic, I have seen it significantly change the quality of people’s lives by improving their IBS symptoms.   

The low FODMAP diet is based on research which has shown it can be successful in approximately 70% of people with IBS when following the diet under the supervision of a registered dietitian.   

Seeing how the diet has helped many clients, but also being aware of how it requires significant changes in the shopping and cooking habits of the average person, I started a blog to help provide an additional resource for those following the diet.  So with my girlfriend Mel helping me out (who is also a dietitian) we decided to follow the low FODMAP diet, just as one of our clients would, from start to finish.  It has really helped us understand more about the practicalities of the diet and the blog has provided us with an opportunity to share our knowledge of the diet through recipes, suitable products, eating out and other useful and interesting articles and research on IBS and the FODMAP diet.     

The main aim of the blog was to help the clients I see and provide them with a trusted resource.  We hope the blog can continue to be a useful and free resource for people following the diet with the knowledge that all the information presented on the blog has been produced by a dietitian with training and knowledge in the correct application of the FODMAP treatment for IBS.      

It’s great to have a platform like talkhealth to share information so please continue to visit the site and feel free to drop by and check out our low FODMAP blog ‘Two Dietitians Do the low FODMAP Diet’ at

Lee Martin, UK