Author: Asthma UK

Date: APR 2014

An Asthma UK poll of more than 1,000 respondents found that a third had experienced an asthma attack as a result of the recent air pollution and 86% reported using their blue reliever inhaler more than usual. As the British Asthma Guideline states that 1 in 6 (15%) of people who receive emergency treatment for an asthma attack need emergency treatment again within two weeks, the charity is concerned we could see a second spike of acute asthma related secondary care activity in the next two weeks.

Debby Waddell, Clinical Lead at Asthma UK says: "This would suggest that 15% of the people who responded to our poll saying they have had an attack would be likely to have a second attack. We urge healthcare professionals to ensure that people with asthma have a personal asthma action plan, as without one we know that they are four times more likely to have a hospital admission. Action plans can be downloaded from"

For more information on emergency asthma care please see our Emergency Care Pack

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