Air purifiers

It is beneficial for asthma sufferers to ensure that the air quality in their home (or car) is of a good level. Poor air quality can have an impact on those that suffer from asthma and bring on asthma attacks.

Air purifiers can help provide relief to the lungs of an asthmatic person by providing clean air so that they can breathe easily. Air purifiers can be used in the home (and some even in the car) to deal with and reduce the triggers that can lead to asthmatic attacks. Over recent years air purifiers have grown in popularity with asthma sufferers following much research that has shown they can help aid the symptoms of asthma.

There are many airborne triggers that an air purifier can help remove from households including:

  • dust
  • pollen
  • pet dander
  • mould
  • allergens
  • chemical fumes
  • smoke fumes

Many air purifiers will have a HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air filter) and these, in particular, are recommended for asthma sufferers. In order to be a HEPA filter, the filter has to remove 99.97% of all the particles 0.3 microns in size from the air. This includes pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander, tobacco smoke, bacteria and mold.

You will find that some air purifiers will have more than one filter. In this instance one filter will take out larger particles from the air whilst extra filters will catch minute particles and bacteria. It is important that if you have one of these that the filters are changed on a regular basis. If this is not done, the device can become ineffective. You can find models that come equipped with a filter alert system whereby an indicator will tell you when it is time to change filters in the air purifier.

If, and when, you decide to purchase an air purifier it is important to think about which room in your house the device/s will be used in in order to choose the right product. The size of the room will dictate which size machine is needed and, if the purifier is too small for the room, then it will not be beneficial to the sufferer.

Overall you will find that if you use an air purifier in the home then asthma attacks can be reduced by a significant amount. You should however note that an air purifier cannot replace the need for asthma medication.

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