Author: ERNA

Date: MAY 2014

A new organisation, European Respiratory Nurses Association (ERNA), hopes to become a must-join group for nursing organisations across Europe.

The aim of ERNA is to give nurses with an interest in respiratory care a greater voice and ultimately to improve the care of patients living with respiratory conditions.

The new group will act as a central point where national nursing organisations can join to access the latest information on research, education, advocacy and clinical excellence in respiratory, and to learn from each other.

ERNA acts as a signpost to resources and other useful tools which will help improve the provision of respiratory healthcare in Europe. The website,, will direct users to key resources and publications, all from one central place.

The website will also bring together respiratory groups/organisations across Europe, so any European nurse wanting to access further information in their country can do so.

ERNA steering group committee member Birthe Hellquist Dahl, of the Danish Society of Respiratory Nurses said: “As chairwoman of the Danish national respiratory nursing society, I am delighted to join and welcome ERNA offering nurses across Europe a unique platform to share knowledge of best practice in management of patients with respiratory diseases”.

Inger Kull, of The Swedish Society of Asthma, Allergy and KOL nursing (ASTA) added: “We encourage all nursing societies to join ERNA, and by doing so help ERNA to become a living and strong virtual organisation in order to achieve the mission of improving quality care for the growing number of patients living with respiratory diseases”.

ERNA is grateful to receive an unrestricted educational grant from Almirall (Global) to assist with the establishment of the Association.

View the ERNA website at

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