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  • Jul 2019

    What causes lower back pain when coughing?

    For some people, coughing can cause or exacerbate lower back pain. In this article, learn about the causes and treatment of this symptom and when to see a doctor.

  • Jul 2019

    What to know about COPD and lung cancer

    COPD is a group of conditions that have clear links to lung cancer. Smoking tobacco is the primary preventable risk factor for both of these diseases. Learn more about COPD and lung cancer here.

  • Jul 2019

    How antioxidants can hasten the spread of lung cancer

    Two new studies have uncovered cell mechanisms through which lung cancer uses antioxidants to help it spread to other parts of the body.

  • Jun 2019

    Are dogs better at detecting cancer 'than advanced technology?'

    In a new study, beagles were able to detect the presence of cancer with extremely high accuracy. Could their 'sniff skills' lead to novel screening tests?

  • May 2019

    Cancer: Proton therapy has fewer side effects than X-ray radiation

    A first-of-its-kind study compares the cure rates and side effects of proton therapy and X-ray radiation for people with various forms of cancer.

  • May 2019

    Should I get checked for cancer?

    The warning signs of cancer vary depending on the type. People should see a doctor if they have any new symptoms or existing symptoms worsen. Learn more about the warning signs of cancer here.

  • May 2019

    Artificial intelligence better than humans at spotting lung cancer

    New research shows that a form of artificial intelligence called deep learning detects lung cancer more accurately than radiologists can.

  • May 2019

    Physical fitness might protect against lung and bowel cancers

    A big study links higher fitness to lower risk of lung and colorectal cancer and higher fitness before diagnosis to better odds of surviving the diseases.

  • Apr 2019

    Could invigorating the immune system prevent lung cancer?

    Early immune-related molecular changes in airway tissue could potentially predict invasive lung cancer and serve as prevention targets, new study suggests.

  • Apr 2019

    Chili pepper compound may slow down lung cancer

    New research in mice and human cells suggests that capsaicin, the compound that gives red peppers its spicy flavor, may slow lung cancer progression.

  • Mar 2019

    How does smoking affect the body?

    Smoking cigarettes can affect the body in many ways, raising the risk of several serious health conditions. Learn more about the effects of smoking cigarettes in this article.

  • Jan 2019

    What happens when breast cancer metastasizes in the lungs?

    Metastatic, or stage 4, breast cancer in the lungs is when breast cancer cells are growing in the lungs. In this article, we look at what happens when breast cancer metastasizes in the lungs, including the symptoms, causes, treatments, and prognosis.

  • Nov 2018

    What are the most likely causes of upper back pain?

    Causes of upper back pain include herniated discs, muscle overuse, osteoarthritis, and a pinched nerve. Learn more about these and other reasons for upper back pain, and how to prevent it, here.

  • Nov 2018

    New strategy defeats cancer cells that evade chemotherapy

    Scientists have found that making the cancer cells that survive chemotherapy more aggressive results in them being vulnerable to anti-inflammatories.

  • Nov 2018

    What to know about lung cancer

    Lung cancer can be life-threatening, but doctors can also treat it if they catch it early on. Lung screening is possible in specific, high-risk categories, but the best way to avoid this serious and potentially deadly disease is not to smoke. Read on to find out all about lung cancer here.

  • Oct 2018

    What are the side effects of chemotherapy?

    Side effects of chemotherapy include illness and infection, bleeding easily, hair loss, and nausea or vomiting. Learn more about 10 of the most common side effects, and how to combat them here.

  • Oct 2018

    Common drug may increase lung cancer risk

    According to a recent study, a common drug used to treat blood pressure might increase the risk of lung cancer when it is taken over a long period of time.

  • Oct 2018

    Cancer ribbon colors: A guide

    Ribbons come in a variety of colors to promote awareness and raise funds to support people fighting many types of cancer. Learn about the ribbons here.

  • Oct 2018

    Cancer: Alternative therapies are popular but risky

    Two new studies show that the use of complementary and alternative medicines is widespread among people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

  • Oct 2018

    Nasal delivery of grape compound shows promising results in lung cancer

    Administering the natural red wine anticancer compound resveratrol through the nose could protect against lung cancer, a new mouse study finds.

  • Sep 2018

    What are the health risks of hookah smoking?

    A hookah is a type of water pipe people use for smoking flavored tobacco. While many people believe using a hookah is safer than smoking cigarettes, it has many of the same health risks. In this article, learn about whether hookah is bad for you and what its effects on the body are. We also debunk several common myths.

  • Aug 2018

    What are the early signs of lung cancer in men?

    In the United States, lung cancer is the second most common cancer and the leading cause of death from cancer. In the first stages, there are often no symptoms, but early detection and treatment can improve a person’s outlook. Here, we look at the initial signs of lung cancer in men and describe when to see a doctor.

  • Aug 2018

    Experimental drug may treat 'undruggable' cancers

    Researchers have found a way to block a cell signaling pathway that is common to many hard-to-treat cancers and has so far defied attempts to target it.

  • Jul 2018

    Everything you need to know about bibasilar crackles

    Bibasilar crackles are abnormal sounds from the base of the lungs, and they usually signal a problem with airflow. Some causes of bibasilar crackles include bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, and heart failure. In this article, we describe the sounds and symptoms in detail. Learn more here.

  • Jul 2018

    Omega-3-derived cannabinoid may stop cancer

    A cannabinoid that occurs naturally in our bodies as a result of omega-3 fatty acid metabolism is found to have anticancer properties.