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Diet, eczema and asthma

My son started having eczema as an infant. His symptoms became worse and worse to the point of infected skin and bleeding sores all over his body. His asthma was worsening at the same time and once we had to rush him to hospital to get relief. All they could offer him was corticosteroid and anti-bacterial creams for the eczema. It was not too helpful. I asked countless doctors and if there was any correlation between diet and eczema and asthma. They all said no. Fed up with his worsening health and no answers, I sought the help of a highly qualified and reputable nutritionist. Together we discovered which foods were causing his symptoms to increase. We eliminated these foods from his diet and within four days, the result was dramatic. His sores had almost completely healed and most redness was gone. It has been close to 8 months on the special diet and we have been able to take him off of his asthma steroid inhaler with the doctor's blessing. The foods my son could not tolerate were cows milk and other dairy products from cows, sugar, chocolate, and caffeine. You would be surprised how many of these are hidden in sauces, biscuits, breads, cereals, breakfast bars, and other items. (Read the labels!) I am not saying that all children will get better if they eliminate the exact things my son did. I am saying that I am convinced that there is a connection between eczema and food sensitivities. I would like to mention that we have added healthier foods to his diet that are continuing to strengthen him. Some examples are whole wheat pasta and breads, buffalo mozzarella, sheep's and ewe's cheese, lots of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Our nutritionist has also recommended certain high quality vitamin and mineral supplements that we have found beneficial for his health. Occasionally we cheat on his diet, especially for a family member's birthday. We always regret it, because the next day his skin will be red again and sometimes bleeding.In conclusion, if you or your child is having severe problems with eczema, I would recommend finding a good nutritionist to help you pinpoint any food intolerances, stick to a healthy diet, and take the nutritional supplements they recommend.

Kyle and Deirdre, UK