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Quality of life

Asthma and the quality of my life

I started with asthma 3 years ago, I am 68. At first it was really frightening. I had to have the paramedics twice. From time to time I have a bad time with it but I have quite a lot of help from my asthma nurse. We have tried all the inhalers. The two that really suit me are Flixotide and Ventolin. Flixotide is a preventative and Ventolin I can take 4 to six times a day when I get it really bad which sometimes helps. But other times I have to go to the doctors and first they try me with antibiotics. If that doesn't work they put me on steroids, which really I do not like, but the way I look at it quality is better than quantity. I hope I have been of some help to other asthma sufferers.

Margaret, Cheshire, UK