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  • Healthy foods breaking the bank: Varied diets preventing type 2 diabetes

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This age old proverb may not necessarily be the solution to all health concerns, but it is clear that eating a well-balanced diet is...

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  • Can eating flavonoid-rich foods help you control your weight?

    A major new study has shown that eating foods with high levels of compounds called flavonoids might help to reduce weight gain in adults. Flavonoids, which are natural co...

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  • Child obesity risk increases almost three-fold in five generations

    Children born since 1990 are up to three times more likely than older generations to be overweight or obese by age 10 according to a new study. Researchers from CLOSER, ...

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  • Psychology of weight management and obesity

    Every day there are new stories in the media about the rising problem of severe overweight and obesity. The message underlying all these stories is that obesity is a simp...

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  • Study finds ‘social jetlag’ is associated with obesity-related disease

    A new study has discovered an association between social jetlag, obesity and obesity-related disease including metabolic disorder, inflammation and diabetes.

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  • Lack of exercise responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity

    Researchers at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Epidemiology Unit have found a brisk 20 minute walk each day could be enough to reduce an individual’s risk of early d...

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  • When it comes to having a healthy heart are all calories equal?

    Weight loss advice is built upon the important basis that in order to lose weight you need to use up more energy (measured in kilocalories or kilojoules) than your body t...

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  • Top Tips to Help You Lose The Festive Flab

    I’ve kept my weight at a healthy level most of my life. But, over the past year or so – despite my trusty old scales telling me I was a healthy weight with a BMI of j...

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  • Diabetes and weight loss - which dietary approach works?

    Being overweight makes diabetes control difficult because it can lead to insulin resistance, making it hard for your body to use insulin properly.

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  • Inactivity, not calorie consumption, behind rising obesity in the UK

    The rise in obesity amongst the UK population has been primarily caused by a decline in physical activity. Using government figures, this new study debunks the popular be...

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  • The truth about metabolism - 5 myths busted!

    Poor metabolism gets blamed for everything these days. Weight gain, lack of energy, even our day-to-day health. But what actually is it and is there any truth to the rumo...

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  • New BMI thresholds for ethnic minorities

    Health researchers have suggested new body mass index (BMI) thresholds for defining overweight and obese individuals in ethnic communities. Being overweight or obese incr...

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