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I don't love vegetables!

Being the full time carer of a disabled daughter, is rewarding but physically-draining so I was worried that my weight would interfere with my ability to cope with her daily needs. After coming across an ad for the Tesco Diets online plans, I decided to join. I was 22 Stone 2lbs  but in just 18 months, I lost 12 stone 5lb loss and reduced my BMI from a worryingly high 55, to a much healthier 26. I also dropped 8 dress sizes, so a new wardrobe was a welcome necessity!

I thought about starting a diet for a few months, but without much enthusiasm. Then one day whilst struggling to help my daughter get washed and dressed, it suddenly hit me that if I was having so many problems now, they would get worse as I got older. I was really unfit and overweight and, because of this, would possibly not even be around much longer to look after her. I made the decision there and then to sign up. Continue reading Colette's story here....

Colette, UK