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  • MAR 2015

    New research into how young people learn about sex and relationships

    New research joint funded by the Medical Research Council has highlighted the differences in how young men and women learn about sex and relationships, and identified a demand from both sexe...

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  • Mar 2015

    Cervical Screening and HPV

    Every year in the UK over 3000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer. However, it is a largely preventable disease thanks to the cervical screening programme and HPV (Human Papilloma ...

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  • Feb 2015

    Infertility Network UK, More To Life and ACeBabes

    Many find it difficult to share such a personal issue with friends and family as often infertility is not understood and recognised as an illness and those from different religious and ethni...

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  • AUG 2014

    Scotland: the focus of support for women with ovarian cancer

    Charity Target Ovarian Cancer is announcing a programme of work in Scotland this autumn, to support women with ovarian cancer and raise awareness of the disease. Each year, 615 women in Scot...

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  • JUN 2014

    3M Brits at risk of preventable sightloss

    Despite opticians being trained to spot health issues, one in ten of Britons over the age of 40 are putting themselves at risk from the serious eye condition, glaucoma, by never or not havin...

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  • JUN 2014

    Cervical screening awareness week (8 - 14 June 2014) Have we learned enough?

    Jade Goody's legacy was to raise awareness of cervical cancer among younger women - but have we learned enough?

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