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  • MAR 2014

    New evidence links smoking to postmenopausal breast cancer risk

    Postmenopausal women who smoke or have smoked in the past may have an increased risk of breast cancer compared with women who have never smoked according to a new study

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  • FEB 2014

    No To Flu, Yes To Sunbeds!

    A study shows that the risk of a flu epidemic occurring can also be influenced by vitamin D levels.

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  • JAN 2014

    Confusion and fear over cervical cancer and cervical screening is putting lives at unnecessary r...

    Almost a third (31%) of women do not know what causes cervical cancer and over half (54%) fail to link the Human Papillomavirus (HPV)* to its development, according to new research from Jo's...

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  • DEC 2013

    Opportunity On Midwife Shortage Despite Another Record-Breaking Year For Births

    There is hope that the end of England's long-running midwife shortage could be in sight, but only if ministers seize on the opportunity presented by a dip in births after an 11-year boom

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  • NOV 2013

    £1m million to help tackle pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

    New research commissioned to examine the extent of pregnancy discrimination in the UK.

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  • Sep 2013

    Functional Disability High Among Newly Diagnosed Older Breast Cancer Patients, Especially Africa...

    Many older women with newly diagnosed breast cancer have difficulty accomplishing daily tasks, and African-Americans seem to be disproportionately affected

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