10 x Collagen Shots

Offer ends: 7 May 2020

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The overall appearance of our skin, hair & our nails reflects our general health in so many ways and is very much a marker of our daily nutrition, which is responsible for their continual nourishment and growth. We also know from real research studies, that the vast majority of over 50s are failing to reach the recommended intake for many nutrients which are responsible for healthy skin, hair & nails.

Beautiful skin on the outside requires a healthy foundation within and much of this internal structure is dependent on collagen, which is the most abundant protein found in the body, plus the relevant micronutrients. Collagen fibres also provide further structure and firmness in combination with another skin protein called elastin which helps maintain skin elasticity. Healthy skin, healthy hair and also healthy nails are so dependent on good nutrition.

As we age, both our collagen and elastin levels in the skin decrease, giving rise to a less supple and plump skin which in turn promotes wrinkling. Our skin too is also under daily attack from sunlight, both within the epidermis and deeper down within the dermis itself, promoting harmful oxidation via free radicals which are well known to damage the integrity and mechanical nature of the skin cells.

Anti-oxidant nutrients (vitamin C and E), working in combination with retinol and other nutrients are known to play a protective role in skin and other tissues by inhibiting this damaging free radical oxidative attack.

Prime Fifty is offering two advanced Beauty supplements for healthy Skin, Hair & Nails in two forms.

The first is a 90 day supply of tablets and soft gels, while the second is a 14 day supply of high strength Collagen Shots.

Check these out, together with the complete Prime Fifty range of supplements at www.primefifty.co.uk

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