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In this definitive guide, Dr Newson uses the latest evidence and her own personal experience to cut through misinformation and take a straightforward look at the menopause. Menopause has been written for women to empower them and help them make choices on how to have the best possible experience as their bodies change. It also demystifies this historically taboo subject and features practical advance for partners, families and even employers, to help encourage positive conversations around the menopause.

Menopause covers the essential signs/symptoms and health implications, tips for getting the most out of medical appointments and also outlines available treatments. It takes a holistic view about menopause management, from diet and exercise, coping strategies and relationships for family and friends. It also offers pointers on how to talk to health professionals about getting the right treatment, and includes helpful non-biased information on why it’s time to rethink Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

A recent survey of 2,920 British women, commissioned by Newson Health revealed the overall rating for experience of receiving evidence-based, non-biased care in the UK was just 2.52 out of 5, that at least one in four have experienced severe symptoms which detrimentally affect their family, home and work life with 66% said they were offered anti-depressants instead of HRT.

These findings highlight the need for more information to help women decide how best to manage this female hormone deficiency.

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