A unique opportunity to reflect, experience and learn about mindfulness, meditation and sleep.

Just imagine how much knowledge and insight you could gain from over 100 seminars and experiential sessions, in dedicated workshop rooms – covering a multitude of practices and wide-reaching health and wellbeing subjects from mindful movement to creativity, from sleep issues to mental health, from sound therapy to dreaming, from mantras to ‘touch’, from relationships to parenting, from waking up well to mindful nutrition - and much more from leaders in the world of health, wellbeing, mindfulness and beyond.

As the largest event in the country dedicated to mindfulness, meditation and sleep the speaker programme is second to none. Amongst many others, you will hear from TV Personality, Author & Astrologer Russell Grant; Vidyamala Burch - Teacher, Author and Co-Founder of Breathworks, lucid dreaming expert Charlie Morley; psychotherapist Dr Patrizia Collard, psychoanalyst and clinical hypnotist Steve McKeown and renowned sleep experts Dr Nerina Ramlakhan and Prof Jason Ellis.

But, the show offers something deeper than simply learning … A ‘connectedness’, a feeling of peace, reflection and tranquillity. That may be as a result of the calming music drifting throughout the atrium, the attraction of beautiful flowers everywhere, the scent of sensuous aromatherapy oils, the group meditations taking place - or maybe it is the kindness, compassion and desire to celebrate the vitality of life, that emanates from everyone present.

Plus... the numerous features that are available - exploration and creativity in the Creative Calm Space; physical wellbeing and movement in The Active Meditation Space, parenting and practical activities in the Mindful Minis Area; peace and time to breathe in The Quiet Space and beautiful stands & shopping in our Zen Market.

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