10 x 21 Day Courses of Probiotic Goats Milk Kefir

Offer ends: 21 May 2020

We have 10 x 21 day courses of Probiotic Goats Milk Kefir to giveaway (RRP £44.95). To be in with a chance of winning click below to enter...

With 35 unique probiotic strains, Probiotic Goats Milk Kefir from Chuckling Goat is the most effective probiotic available. Proven to actively support your immune system, digestion and skin, the award winning Kefir also contributes to normal psychological function aiding anxiety and depression and reduces tiredness & fatigue. We have 10 x 21 Day Courses to give away.

University tested and rated #1 in the UK by Trustpilot, Chuckling Goats award winning Kefir has been tested by Atlas to be the most diverse probiotic available with the highest number of naturally occurring bacterial strains. Your daily dose of live active cultures, and a significant source of B12, phosphorous, calcium and Vitamin A, contributes to the maintenance of the immune system, normal skin, vision, bones, muscles, energy yielding metabolism, digestive enzymes and psychological function as well as the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

All Chuckling Goat products are suitable for people who may be prone to IBS, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, acne and allergies. All products are pure, natural, cruelty-free, and made on their family farm with food-grade ingredients like milk, oil, herbs, roots and spices. No nasty chemicals, perfumes, dyes, parabens or phthalates and used.

Best dairy drink in the world!

In 2018 Chuckling Goats Kefir won the title Best New Dairy Drink in the World, in the International Beverage Awards. To find out more about more about Chuckling Goats Kefir and their range of Kefir soap, lotions and cleansers, Prebiotic Powder, Pregnancy Probiotics and teas – please visit www.chucklinggoat.co.uk

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