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Kick dryness out of bed with SYLK

Most women at some point in their lives will experience vaginal dryness, particularly around menopause. Left untreated, this condition can cause untold misery and impact on self-confidence, love-making and relationships. Many women are too embarrassed to talk to their GP and suffer in silence.

Vaginal dryness is actually usually very easy to treat. A simple, good quality, water-based lubricant like Sylk can make all the difference. If symptoms persist, then you may need to talk to you GP about local oestrogen which can be used in conjunction with Sylk lubricant.

Sylk Intimate is the only natural lubricant that is made with bio-sustainable, New Zealand kiwi vine gum extract. It is this amazing substance that gives Sylk its’ unique super slippery and silky texture which makes sex much more comfortable and enjoyable. Free from hormones and parabens, Sylk is kind and gentle to sensitive tissues. With a pH the same as the vaginal environment, Sylk helps keep nasty bacteria at bay whilst keeping the vagina moist and hydrated. Non-drying, odourless, tasteless, non-sticky, Sylk has been formulated to work in tune with your body. Sylk can be used with condoms, tampons and sex toys/pelvic toners.

Recommended by health professionals world-wide including GP’s, Nurses, Oncologists, Physiotherapists, sex therapists, menopause specialists, Sylk is available on prescription and over the counter at all chemists and is now stocked on shelf at Boots and Boots.co.uk.

You can try a free sample of Sylk direct from www.sylk.co.uk

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