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My hysterectomy story

I hadn't planned on spending the day like that, but on the morning of my 45th birthday I woke up in hospital the day after a hysterectomy operation.

The reason for the op was heavy periods induced by fibroids (fibrous tissues on the wall of the womb). Although Mr Faraj stated in his article on talkhealth that it was unusual, I believe it was my age that made it necessary. I found myself in a "Catch 22" situtation. The fibroids were not causing too many problems but my gynaecologist told me they would prohibit the use of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) should I ever need it, as hormones can cause them to grow.

The decision to go ahead was mine alone. I was not forced into it and probably made a quicker recovery both emotionally and physically as it was my personal freedom of choice.

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Sandy, UK