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Pompholyx eczema

Pompholyx is causing me so much pain

I have been a sufferer of pompholyx eczema just on my feet, reading a few other stories I feel for the people who have it everywhere else as knows one can begin to understand the pain. I have had this for the past five years. In this time I have gotten married had a child, and many other changes have occurred in my lifestyle. At the beginning I was told that it was a fungal infection, so my doctors kept feeding me fungal creams. Little did I know later on as time passed and I had gone to see a dermatologist, the fungal creams were feeding my eczema and had made them worse. Whilst I was pregnant I had this and I could not walk, this got me so depressed and angry. I enjoyed my pregnancy but this just put a real damper on things. After giving birth I couldn't walk for 3 weeks as the infection blew up into these big ugly blisters. My eczema comes and goes I could go for a period of 6 months and not have it then when it does come back in comes back in full force. Dermatologists have boiled it down to stress, but somehow I just believe there is more to it. I looked this up because I thought I was the only person in this world that had this, and that I was the only person that cried myself to sleep every night cause of the pain and itchiness. If there is anyone out there that can help me with some remedies that will relieve the pain, even just the itchiness or to tell me your stories please email me. I don't want to try for a second child cause I'm scared I'm going to go through all this pain again with my feet. It’s the worst feeling.

Melissa, Australisa