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I lost 10 stone AND kept it off

Nobody could say the last six years have been easy.  Despite being a military wife, having cancer myself, a child with cancer, a car crash, moving country twice, returning to full time work, and five hugely invasive surgeries, I have managed to lose over ten stone through diet and exercise AND keep it off.

It has been an incredible journey and writing about it on talkhealth has been my way of exploring the feelings behind the physical and emotional repercussions. 

Physical health and mental health are two sides of the same coin and too often the weight loss industry ignores the emotional issues behind weight gain and loss. I strongly believe that anything is possible if you get your mind in the right place. 

I am a 39 year old mother of four sons ranging between 17 and 7. In my spare time I travel the country speaking to weight loss groups hoping to use my story to inspire and motivate and fund raise for children's cancer charities.

Besides finding 'Healthy' I've discovered I have a spine of pure titanium, a love of writing and a family that I'm incredibly proud of.

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Applebottomgenes, UK

Changing my diet helps my arthritis

I have arthritis in my thumbs which has started since the menopause. I have found that by altering my diet I am symptom free. I basically avoid sugar, wheat, oranges and tomatoes. I cut alcohol down to a minimum, and if I want alcohol, cider is alkaline so is actually beneficial. Apples and their derivatives e.g. cider vinegar contain the mineral boron, which is also excellent for arthritis. I also take a supplement of 2 boron tablets daily. I, of course, cheat on my diet sometimes, and this is fine as long as I return to my diet again.

Jo, Hitchin, UK