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I was made to feel at ease

Hi.. I’ve just very recently had to have a colposcopy and was very nervous attending as I suffer with extreme anxiety and panic attacks so I took my daughters with me for support.... My consultant and his PA were extremely patient and understanding and made me feel very much at ease which made the whole experience so much more bearable with allowing both my daughters to sit on each side of me holding my hand for much needed support... The whole treatment didn't take very long and everyone was just amazing at keeping me calm throughout... I will now need to attend another appointment to have an ectropion done in 6 weeks’ time with the same consultant and PA with will make my anxiety more bearable knowing that I will be in safe hands when I go again.... I also have a prolapse to which I will have to have a hysterectomy that I’m not really looking forward to but have to have sometime in the next few months but with the support of my family and consultant I know I’m in good hands... 



Menopausal zest and blogging me!

Since first grade, I’ve loved to write. I began with stories for my dolls, moved on to articles for my high school paper, and then published books for kids and adults. In 2006, I began studying for an MFA in Writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts. I relished the work I did for this degree, from the critical essays to the picture books to the novel I completed as my final creative thesis. I graduated on a cold January afternoon, warmed up and ready to take on the world with my newly honed skills.

Then wham! I couldn’t write. I didn’t write. My mind spun with negative thoughts about my talent and my future as an author. I hit a wall of self-doubt and discouragement. For a year, I barely composed anything but emails and grocery lists.

Like the sky opening up after a morning of grey clouds, my despondence lifted a year later. Soon I was at the keyboard again, pounding away, working on a new novel. That’s when I put it all together and figured out my year of self-doubt was brought on by the hormonal roller coaster of menopause.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead was the first writer to refer to the zest of a woman who has gone through The Change. And I won’t be the last, that’s for sure. Soon, I began to feel more creative, more energetic, more upbeat, and more open than ever before. Zest is the perfect word for this new stage of life.

This zest inspired me to start blogging about menopause. I want women to know that The Change of Life can stop you in your tracks emotionally. I’m sharing information and tips about the physical side of menopause too, from hot flashes to night sweats to insomnia. But the best part is telling women about the zestful life on the other side!


I've been suffering with the menopause for 10 years

Hi there, I started with severe menopause 10 years ago. The symptoms got worse as time went on and I have gone from enjoying life and feeling healthy, having a busy life bringing 4 children up (which was not easy). Now they are grown and got their own family, time should have been for me to start over again, but no the menopause came and really knocked me off my feet. My life did not seem the same, I could not go out; all the things I used to enjoy I could not do anymore through the anxiety and depression which came with the symptoms. I took one day at a time hoping it would go away but no it got worse. I cannot take HRT and was put on amitriptyline. 10 years later I'm still feeling the same.

Shirleen, Skegness, UK