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Weight gain & menopause

How I lost weight

Particularly since the menopause, my waist appeared to expand almost overnight until my 'hourglass' figure looked more like a tree trunk! I have heard many women comment on this and at last I have found, after numerous sensible attempts, to regain my 'waist'. It's the best thing since sliced bread - whoops - I didn't mean that exactly, it's just an expression! I rarely if ever eat bread for some time now.

What I have been taking is a recently introduced supplement with new 'peptide' technology which targets the 'f' word. That's 'fat' for those who were thinking otherwise. It is a natural product with no sweeteners, no 'speedy' ingredients which cause palpitations and the like, and it favours lean muscle tissue. This is good as your metabolism is maintained by lean muscle tissue. Also most important to lose is the internal fat around our organs, for obvious reasons. I have lost 4 inches from my waist since I started taking this natural supplement three months ago. And best of all, I am following my usual low GI diet, drinking adequate water and doing moderate exercise - so no extreme regimes or deprivation.

I have also been taking glyconutrients including one supplement which addresses hormone imbalances. It has helped me so much even after the menopause.

Mary, London, UK