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Diet and supplements that I have found useful for candida

I have found I am more susceptible to candida and fungal infections, since the menopause. For this I add cinnamon to my porridge every morning, I also eat a lot of shitake mushrooms, both of these have an anti-fungal property in them. I avoid sugar and wheat, as these encourage fungal growth, and if I do eat something sweet, and start to get symptoms, I take a high dose acidophilus supplement.

I thought I had not had any antibiotics since I was a child, but then I realised that animals are fed antibiotics, and I eat meat. Since this realisation I only eat organic meat.

Jo, Hitchen, UK

Supplements & homeopathic remedies that I have found useful for carpal tunnel

I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome since the menopause. With this I find I need to lay off sugar, and take loads of B vitamins and boron. The homeopathic remedy Causticum can be very useful for carpal tunnel, particularly if you have had a grief, are in a caring profession, or looking after a loved one who is sick. I have used other remedies also such as fluoric acid, and some of the Australian bushflowers, Crowea, Southern Cross, and Bottlebrush.

Carpal tunnel is a condition that can be linked with underactive thyroid, so do get yourself checked at the doctor, if you have other symptoms such as low sex drive, weight gain or low energy.

Jo, Hitchen, UK