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Hot flushes

Taking glyconutrients helps my hot flushes

Glyconutrients are essential polysaccharides which have a positive effect on the immune system generally. I was taking them to help my arthritis and discovered that my hot flushes got worse for about a month, then totally disappeared. I had similar feedback from 4 other people I know who were taking them. I have since recommended them to several menopausal patients of mine, who have also found the same.

One of the most active sugars in the glyconutrients is mannose, a substance that is not readily available in western diets. Foods that I have found that contain it are shitake mushrooms, aloe vera, cranberries, I suspect that Goji berries do also, and the noni fruit. However you need the mannose in sufficient quantities to be effective, so if you are taking it in food form you need a lot of it. Foods containing mannose have been used for centuries by the Chinese to balance hormones, both in men and women.

Jo, UK